Give summer and autumn weeks of charm with the colourful

From early summer to late in the autumn. Lots of flowers for a long, long time. When the spring flowers begin to fade, Skyfall is the perfect answer to making your garden, even more, inviting from early summer to late autumn. This unique garden chrysanthemum gives you flowers for weeks at a time.

‘Colour your garden in the sky’

The brightly coloured blushes of an Indian summer

Bright colours in late summer

After mid-summer – when the days get shorter towards autumn – is exactly when Skyfall starts looking its best. Its tiny buds grow and produce a display of flowers so lavish that they hide its leave for weeks. Hanging baskets are available in colours from yellow to purple and from red to white. There’s even a pink Skyfall in the collection. Skyfall is usually presented in a trio of colours, but a hanging basket in a single colour will also add gorgeous summer and autumn colour.

The brightly coloured blushes of an Indian summer

Exceptional genetics provide a profusion of flowers

Skyfall is truly unique: unlike the usual garden chrysanthemums, Skyfall plants have a rather flat, spreading habit: they grow horizontally instead of vertically. The exceptional genetics used to create this special garden chrysanthemum mean that Skyfall covers no less than 70% of the pot with its flowers. And this is what makes it so perfect for hanging pots. This abundance of flowers gives it a wide range of uses, from patios or balconies to wall hangers.


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